Sunday, April 21, 2013

Skate Party, Headwinds & Arrive at Fenway

At the skate party. The kids were great!
Today I had to make up the 20 miles I missed doing yesterday but it was still a great day-- just ended up being a lot longer than we had hoped! First, I finished the twenty miles to Taunton from Providence to attend an AG Bell skate party, where I met some ride supporters and families who have a child with a cochlear implant.

I put on roller blades for the first time in probably five years. Soon I was zipping along feeling childhood-like rush over me. If I ever get bored with cycling I'm definitely going to start roller blading again!

The skate party was great and I had a fun time. Apparently, I was a "hit" but I'm not sure about that. Jacob’s Ride did receive a generous donation and I got a giant cookie which was delicious.

I stayed at the party longer than originally planned, so it was approaching 4pm when I finally started towards Fenway Park. A constant headwind the whole day of about 12 mph slowed me down. What really happens in those steady headwinds (gusting is the opposite of steady) is you feel you ought to try and go faster. I need to accept a constant headwind will make me slower, but no, I tried to power through it a bit. This isn’t something I should do. With 22 consecutive days of 80 mile rides, I can’t afford that kind of pointless struggle.

I finally rode into to Fenway just in time for the game start. I made a commitment to ride my bike to every stadium and I do but tomorrow for my “official” Jacob’s Ride game attendance I’ll ride in the van. Traffic, of course, got pretty crazy but it all worked out in the end other than the two mile walk to the van. Got back to Eileen's at after ten. Now it’s after midnight—got to get some sleep--busy day tomorrow!

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