Tuesday, April 30, 2013

LOTS of Hills on the Way to Toronto

It's been more than one week now since my last blog entry. The last week’s schedule was tough, but successful. The Boston game was on Tuesday, and it was a good time. We had about 150 Jacob Ride supporters come to Fenway to watch the game with me! It was hard for me to meet and interact with all of the Jacob’s Ride supporters.

Being a meticulous scorekeeper at baseball games (I love baseball stats and am bit crazy in this respect), so I try to watch as much of each game as possible. Once the lineups are written down, I am usually able to hold a conversation during an at-bat.  At the Mets game, there was enough time to talk to each and every supporter that came out. The Boston game was different because Fenway Park is extremely crowded, our block of Jacob’s Ride seats were a split up and there were just so many supporters!  Humbling.

After the Boston game, I rode in the rain for the first time. And then the hills came. I averaged 80 miles on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. The hills killed me. I have never rode up so many hills! I climbed 15 category 5 hills, plus my five category 4 climbs, and three category 3 hills. I could barely walk. But we did it. Thank goodness, Friday and Saturday were shorter, flatter rides.

Yesterday was 102 miles to Toronto from the U.S. border. So really feel I earned the day off and looking forward to the Toronto Blue Jays game tonight. Tomorrow begins another round of 80 mile days until we get to Pittsburgh. I am hoping there are no huge climbs.

I'll try to get some more regular updates, but I have no phone service in Canada. Three of the families who opened their homes to Jack and I had no wi-fi, so it's been tough to keep this blog going. I'll make sure to write tonight after the game and hopefully we'll have wi-fi for the rest of the ride!

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