Monday, May 13, 2013

Throwing Out the First Pitch and WIND

Well we just made it into Michigan after two consecutive days of 100+ mile rides. There has been a wind conspiracy working against me. Going southwest from Cleveland to Cincinnati, I was always facing winds from the SW. I was told that SW winds are "typical" in Ohio. I didn't mind too much because the winds weren't that strong until the last two days--a storm was brewing. The last 40 miles into Cincy were in a downpour. Within 10 minutes, I was completely soaked, but it was warm, so it was alright. The next day, we had the television interview before the game, which went very well. The media is getting better all the time, as the ride gets bigger, they explore more of the website and seem to know a lot more going into the interview.

I got to throw the first pitch to Jack (my cousin and chase van driver)! It hit the dirt and I felt so bad. The first pitch in Cleveland went so much better. When I was throwing it to Jack, I was not only worried about not throwing it in the dirt, I was also worried about throwing something that Jack couldn't catch. I knew he was pretty stoked to catch that pitch, and I didn't want to make him jump or even have to get out his crouch. So it hit the dirt, but it was at least on target and Jack caught it on one bounce. I'm glad that if anyone looked bad at there, it was me and not Jack. I hope that Jack gets another chance at catching one. Next time, I'll throw a strike.

It actually got kind of cold at the game, because a (get this!) northwest cold front was moving in. So after fighting SW winds all week, as soon as I turn around and start heading to Detroit, the winds change against me. The first day (yesterday) was rough, with strong gusts of 25 mph. Today wasn't as bad, but the winds were still against me. Tomorrow should be glorious because after heading north for two days, we finally hit Rt 12 and go west all day tomorrow. So unless a nor'easterner comes or something else crazy happens, I should enjoy an easy ride tomorrow. Having the wind against me translates to 13 mph vs 16.7 mph and means hours more on the bike. Tired but feel good.

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