Saturday, April 20, 2013

A Ferry Ride and a Wrong Turn(s)

This morning, Jack and I drove about two hours from Queens to Orient Point (no cheating here-- I rode this route on Wednesday). Then we took an hour and twenty minute ferry ride to New London, CT. The twenty-something (I think) mile crossing and the only ferry ride on our route, it saved us more than 200 miles. We took the ferry to ensure we made it to the Red Sox series. From London, CT, our hope was to make it to Taunton, MA.
For the first time, we did not get to where we wanted to go because mapping failed us. I took a wrong turn two times, each time adding 4-5 miles to the route. As I was following our mapped route along the New London Turnpike, the road became an unpaved path through the woods. I stupidly rode on for a mile or two thinking the unpaved stretch would be temporary. Finally, I turned back and rode up a parallel state road until I got back on the New London Tpk. At that point, my phone battery and CI battery were almost dead so I called for Jack. He showed up in less than 15 minutes, and directed me until I got on a most amazing bicycle and jogger path.
With Capers and Eileen Jones.
I rode the bike path to the south edge of Providence. By then it was 6:18pm, and we were 60 miles into the day’s ride with 20 to go. I wanted push on to Taunton, the end of the day’s ride, but we were running out of daylight. Plus there was the allure of dinner and a warm bed waiting for us at Eileen's house. I also think Jack wanted to see Beaumont (his dog), who had been at Eileen's house for a day and a half.
Great dinner at Eileen's followed by an Orioles victory on the radio and then bed. Good day all around, but twenty miles short.

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