Friday, April 19, 2013

The Mets Really Take Care of Us! Thank you!

The Mets game was amazing! I am almost at a loss for words. Donovan Mitchel at the Mets helped us out so much by getting our logo and cause shown on the scoreboard AND had an announcement to the crowd during the 6th inning. It was really exciting for everyone who came, and it marks the first time Jacob’s Ride has been announced over loud-speakers during a game. Jack and I were even allowed onto the field during batting practice! I could have gotten Bryce Harper's autograph but he seemed so busy with the servicemen and children. The same thing happened at the end of a game last year with Matt Wieters. I definitely need how to learn how to ask for an autograph. I haven't gotten one other than at an Orioles FanFest.

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