Tuesday, April 9, 2013

In Philadelphia—A Flat & Other Excitement—But We Made It

Well it's going to be hard to type blog entries on my phone but I'm going to have to do it. We got to Philly on Sunday night. We made really good time, doing 120 miles in 7 hours. There were three category 5 climbs. I was definitely helped out by an all-day tailwind. I had one flat and I ran my rear derailleur into the spokes, breaking my derailleur hanger but (very thankfully) nothing else.

We also blew the fuse to the cigarette lighter in the van from drawing too much energy for cell phones, charging batteries for my CI, etc. We actually melted some plastic on the splitter we were using.

But it felt great to knock out all of those miles! I'm in the van in south Philly right now. The van just stalled we're going to have to get some work done on it. But check out my baseball cap collection—just getting started!

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