Thursday, July 4, 2013

What a Way to Celebrate the 4th!

At the Oakland game with a couple of As (and Jacob's Ride) fans.

The game at the Oakland Coliseum was great.  The Coliseum is old and it is the last NFL stadium with a baseball team in it, so I liked that. It was sold out due to fireworks night and I have to say, Oakland's fans have made a very good impression with me. A fun atmosphere where it seemed like everyone knew each other--reminded me of Camden Yards. The only downside was for the first time, we didn't get our mini batting helmet because they didn't sell them at the stadium! Jack ordered one on eBay and its waiting for us in Santa Monica.

I'm in the van waiting for Jack and Sarah so we can begin exploring San Francisco. Independence Day is a great holiday because there is no pressure to be with someone--much better than New Years for sure. Happy Fourth!

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  1. Good job Jacob !!! Saw you on Giants Pregame show...too bad you saw the Giants get beat up...hope you liked the Stadium...made a donation...wish we could have given you more but money is tight this week

    will check up on your progress ...have fun

    Randy and Jan...Giants fans from Carson City, NV