Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Exploring Philly and Goodbye to the Newly Engaged Couple

On Tuesday, we saw the Phillies play. Before the game, Noah, Kat, and I rode about 15 miles around Philadelphia to see the sights. We didn't have any bike locks with us, so someone always had to remain outside with the bikes, so that put a slight damper on that. I remembered to bring my u-lock, but forgot my key. That u-lock wouldn't have been able to lock three bikes anyway, but you never know. Sometimes it's amazing how little space a bike takes up. I remember transporting 3 bikes and 3 humans in a two door car once in LA. With bikes, anything is possible. You just have to take the wheels off.

My father, sister, and her boyfriend drove up from Annapolis for the Philly game. When they left, they took Noah and Kat with them. Adio's mis hermanos. I'll see them again either in Oakland or San Diego or LA. I'll miss them but I won't miss having three put-together bikes in the van.

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