Sunday, May 19, 2013

Tailwinds into Chicago and the Cubs Game

Well crunch time with games so close together has been a success so far. Rather than doing the 90 miles for three days to get into Chicago, we did 110 each day. That put us into Chicago, and then I rode about 60 miles towards Milwaukee. So on Tuesday, we only have a 40 mile ride before the Brewers game. I was definitely aided by some wind on Friday, doing 110 miles at almost 17 mph. Gave us some time to explore Chicago a bit.

Hotels for two nights and tonight will be our second night at Colin's apartment in northeast Chicago. Colin is an old friend of Jack's from Jersey who has been working 14 hours a day recently. I just finished washing all of Colin’s dishes because he hasn’t had time to do them. Back in the day, travelers would do chores for a bed to sleep in. It felt good and I was glad to be able to help Colin in a small way.

The Cubs game at Wrigley Field was great. Such a nice old ballpark, and probably the one that felt most like Camden Yards to me. Mary Aliff Namey, Kat's sister, helped out a lot with the ticket sales and organization. Jacob’s Ride didn’t make it onto the Jumbotron because there wasn't one! The Cubs lost, which brings their record to 8-4. Tomorrow we have the White Sox versus Red Sox followed by the Milwaukee Brewers game on Tuesday. Should be fun. Joe Piette, who rode with us to Baltimore, is joining us for that ride because he has some family in Wisconsin.

All I can write for now!

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