Friday, April 12, 2013

The Yankees

I recorded my first ever triple play, 4-6-5-6-5-3-4. Too bad it happened to the Orioles! I don't mind seeing my team lose because at least they tried. And they lost in an interesting fashion rather than a shellacking. Despite ultimately losing the game, the Orioles masterfully, and I mean masterfully, got two men on in the next half-inning and then hit into a freakin' triple play. That might be the only triple play in baseball this year.

Yankees stadium really helped me appreciate Camden Yards in Baltimore which I think is the best ballpark in country (at least of the ones I’ve seen so far). Not that Yankee’s stadium is bad but they played the National Anthem over loudspeakers (what no real singer!) and about 2/3rd of the concessions were closed making a long walk to get a hot dog.

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