Tuesday, January 22, 2013

First "Century" Ride!

When I rode my first "century" which was actually only 91.6 miles, I remember feeling really powerful at the end of my ride. (The reason I didn't go 100 miles was because I accidentally closed a loop early) I was about 2 miles from home, well into my radius of regular riding. I remembered the first few times I rode to Edgewater and back on my single speed, during my first year riding a bike as an adult. There is a short hill that rises 17 feet in 0.6 miles (not intimidating), that always got me really tired at the end of a 15-20 mile ride. It would really knock me out. At the end of my 91.6 mile ride, I thought of that as I went up the hill. I felt a slight burn in my legs, but it was easy to get up and over and then enjoy the slightly-downhill rest of the way home. I’m definitely getting stronger.

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